Thursday, May 01, 2008

Waterford Hills Summer Series #2

Busted out the road bike for the 2nd time this year. Early on in the race, a 9 man break formed in which we had 3 guys in, Ray, Luke, and Cory. The other 6 guys were all on their own in that break (no teammates) so it was pretty decent odds for a good team result. Half way through I found myself in a 5 man chase group, Danny, Tim Saari, Rich Russell, and Bill Gilboe. A few laps before the end Bill rolled away and no one reacted. It just made things even Tim and Rich against me and Danny, well I'm not sure how much I could help Danny. I decided the best I could do was just go to the front and try and keep a pace that the guys would be happy to sit in on and hope that Danny could get the spot. So I did my 4 mile leadout and Danny didn't let me down. That was pretty fun. :-)

Waterford Hills Summer Race Series
Results May 1, 2008
A Race - 90 Minutes +2 laps
32 Riders in the field

1. Terry Palmer - Essex Brass
2. Luke Cavender - WOLVERINE/AMERICAN C & F
3. Cory Dubrish - WOLVERINE/AMERICAN C & F
4. Brent Steinburg - Kona
5. Anthony Bruley - O2/Cad
6. Ray Dybowski - WOLVERINE/AMERICAN C & F
7. Greg Kuhn - Team Fraser
8. Don Cameron - Specialized
9. Todd Frerichs - FRCC
10. Bill Gilboe - Prestige
12. Tim Saari - Essex Brass
13. Rich Russell - Essex Brass
14. Robert Herriman - WOLVERINE/AMERICAN C & F
15. Paul Eddleston

Sunday, April 27, 2008

Bloomer Park XC

After riding during the week with Christian, Bill, and Cruise it was pretty obvious that I'm still off from race shape so I lined up at the back as we gathered at the start. Well, race turned out to be pretty tough for me.. The back was aching quite a bit and the legs aren't really working yet.. Climbing seems to be the worst right now... Funny at the end some of my friends don't want to believe I finished that far off or that I'm out of shape.. They think I was taking it easy, maybe still resting my back... That's truly all I got right now.. It's kinda strange and hard to believe that I'll ever go fast again... Simonster guessed it would be about 6 weeks to get back to race shape... Based on that about 3.5 weeks left... I guess I can deal with that...

Photos by Linda

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