Saturday, October 11, 2008

Mammoth Fallout Ride

Some pics from today's Mammoth Fallout Ride...

Sunday, October 05, 2008

Stony Creek Cross Race

I'd kinda been dreading cyclo-cross. Of all the disciplines of bike racing cyclo-cross seems to require the most suffering. I guess that's common knowledge. And still I'm compelled to do it. It's kinda weird. With that said, I had a really fun race today. Bill and I ended up riding together again and were able to pull away from a group of 4 guys with about a third of the race to go. Then we worked together to build that gap. In the final lap started to close on a guy. Just as we were about to catch, I slammed head and shoulder into a wooden sign in the beach-sand section. I'd gotten just a little squirrely in the deep sand and way too close to the sign. Ouch! Bill ended up getting past the guy we were closing on and I rolled in behind the 2 of them, 15th. I'm really happy with my finish and super happy my skeletal structure was able to plow into that stationary object without damage..  :-)

The sign I ran into, dent in my helmet, and the "mark" on my shoulder...

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