Saturday, October 21, 2006

Lower Huron Cyclo-Cross Race

I made a last minute decision to run on some familiar tires (26x2.0 Hutchinson Pythons). I'd run skinny 1.9" Kenda tires at Stony to try and turn my mt bike into a poor man's cross bike but I really didn't think it helped any and the skinny tires just look silly to me.

There's a pretty good sized hill in the Lower Huron course that I was able to ride 2 years ago. Then last year they changed the approach to the hill and I was stalling about half way up. This year they put barricades at the bottom so you were forced to run it. :-( I know that's what cross is all about but I'd be so much happier if we could ride everything.

The official team's blog report.

Elite Men Results

Sunday, October 15, 2006

A rare weekend off from racing

Since the season got rolling this year I have only "not raced" a handful of weekends (well not including the 5 weekends off with a broken collarbone). So it was nice to bust out a weekend of just fun training..

Saturday Bill, Greg, Shawn, and I did a "steady strong pace" ride which had me total up 86 miles on the day.

Sunday we added Alex, and Chris to the mix and we hit up Pontiac Lake plus some more steady hard riding on the road. I finished up my ride with some hill repeats on a nearby ski hill and 60 miles.

(L to R) Greg, Shawn, Chris, Alex, Bill, and Robert.

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