Friday, December 26, 2008

3G Network?

Three Geeks Network...

Thursday, December 25, 2008

10,000 Miles

I hit the "10,000 miles of bike riding" mark, for 2008, today.
A birthday/christmas present to myself.
It's just what I wanted!!!

Tuesday, December 23, 2008


On tonight's ride I heard a few classic "shout outs" from the people..

"Aren't you cold?"
"Get on the sidewalk!"
"I give you a lot of credit."
"You are hardcore Dude"
"Go Lance!"

Sunday, December 21, 2008

Winter, Day One

Today's ride had us in temps in the single digits with wind-chills at a minus 15. Riding around for 3:12 in these conditions was the perfect recipe for another day of interesting down-tube ice build up..

Stalagmite or Stalagtite?

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