Saturday, May 24, 2008

Tour de Frankenmuth

My 3rd road bike ride of the year today, which already ties last years total of 3 rides. :-) I felt pretty comfortable for the first 20 miles but then there was an event that had a lot of the guys in difficulty. Ouch! It got really hard all of a sudden. From that point on I was pretty much in survival mode. I'm still having a hard time finding my fitness this year. At the end I rolled in with the field and felt pretty happy about that. Danny ended up in a successful break and 8th. Luke won the field sprint for the last money spot, 12th. I ended the day with a nice cool down ride to total up 111 miles... Whoo hoo!!

Happy to be done...

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Team Photo Night

We tried to get some pics of the team tonight... The weather did not want to cooperate. Overcast, cold and windy... Oh well, it was still fun...

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