Thursday, March 01, 2007

Miles Update

After a mild January reality/winter finally set in this February. Ice, snow, and crazy cold had my February average day just over 40 miles compared to January's 45+ miles a day. So as of today, my miles data...

2550 singlespeed miles (189 hours)
42.5 miles per day (3 hours 9 min.)
Pace for the year: 15512 miles.

949 miles on the litespeed

891 miles on the Felt
710 miles on the Barracuda

A wet one

Got a call from Simonster as I was getting dressed to ride tonight. He was on the trainer like any other sane cyclist would be on a night like tonight... Pouring rain in the mid 30s... Ask anyone, it doesn't get much worse than that... I went out to do my obigitory 30 minutes, just to be able to say I rode. That turned into an hour and honestly I could of taken a lot more. I broke down and got some wet weather gear recently and that stuff actually works.

New Cross Bike

Hey, the cross bike I ordered 6 months ago has finally arrived... Unfotunatly, a little late for cross season. Hmmm, maybe I'm not spose to race a cross bike at cross races. The only other cross bike I have owned was stolen a couple years ago. Guess we'll see in 7 months...

Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Hey Mom!!!

Yes, I'm still alive...

My mom checks in on this blog to confirm that I'm still alive... I'll get a call from her if I don't post for a while... I think we both think it's kinda funny... I know, I know... Bad son! Call mom and dad more often!

Anyway, the big WRCS ends this Saturday. It was a pretty good series this year. We are setting a new record high points totals. And as far as I know, we only had 2 riders hit by cars, a fractured clavical, fractured pelvis, and some fractured ribs.... OK, now mom is really worried about me.

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