Saturday, June 21, 2008

The Dolppinator and I rolled out this morning from Royal Oak. 
Hit up Stony Creek, Addison, and Bald mountain. 
Back home at the end of the day with 100 miles.  Perfect!

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Web Logs..

I spent some time wandering around the interweb looking for Lumberjack 100 race reports this week... It's kind of the reason I started my own weblog, was that I enjoyed reading others thoughts on their races. One of my best buddies in the world dissed the blogs as "self promotion" but I just think it's a great way to share stories and to preserve memories. I already look back and reminisce after only 2 years of weblogging...

Of course just click on the riders name for their report...

Harlan Price 7:11:36
Christian Tanguy 7:28:41
Gerry Pflug 7:48:18
Mike Simonson 7:52:23
John Myline 7:58:17
John Meyers 8:05:29
Greg Kuhn 8:12:17
Jason Lummis 8:16:22
Chris Strout 8:20:46
Robert Herriman 8:29:08
Brad Hranch 9:18:57
Tom Greene 9:39:24
Chad Schut 9:40:14
Danielle Musto 9:43:19
Justin Lund 10:08:44
Todd Powers 10:10:32
Craig Morris 11:18:47
Noreen Greene 11:23:56
Ed McCalley 11:40:53
Eric Cook 11:56:18
Kerry Combs 12:47:45
Dan Frayer DNF
Lindsay Rodkey DNF
Scott Cole DNF
Steve Kinley DNF
Mike Clark DNF
Nametra O'Dea DNS
Andrea Davis

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Last Ride

7 months ago (nov 07) I noticed a little horizontal crack in the seat tube of my 2007 Trek Fuel EX 9.5.. Trek was really quick to send me a new 2008 Fuel EX 9.5 frame, but I have been really slow to build it up. But I have promised Tanguy I'll do it this week... So looks like Lumberjack will be the last ride on the 07...

R.I.P., 3847 miles... My all time favorite bike...

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