Friday, April 07, 2006

Roller Coaster Practice

I rode over to Stony yesterday after work and did several runs through the roller-coaster section as I try and get use to the balance and feel of my new Trek Top Fuel 110. I felt a bit better each time through which had me doing 8 laps of the roller-coaster. Don't think I ever did that many runs through there in a day before. The bike still feels a bit "floaty" to me and the long bar width has me adapting to it's steering feel. It's pretty cool how the full suspension feels flying over the rough stuff.

Tuesday, April 04, 2006

20 hours 34 min. per week

Well with a quarter of 2006 in the books I have averaged about 20.5 hours per week. In part thanks to the 38 hour week in VA and NC.

Monday Ride??

It's crazy how since my winter ride challenge series ended the attendance on the Monday ride has plummeted. Only Todd and I last night on the ride. All winter long in the nastiest, coldest, icy, and snowy conditions we averaged 13 riders per ride on Mondays. It's just unbelivable how my silly points series works.

Sunday, April 02, 2006


Alex, Bill, and I helped out at the American Cycle and Fitness Super Sale this weekend. I think Alex ended up selling 4 bikes. He is a selling machine. I had several people say they would be back the next day to buy, hopefully they did. The store had an unbelievable weekend of sales. Could it be the fabulous new store? I think so. It's become the cool new place to hangout. Starbucks who?

Waterford Race #2

Wolverines had a great result at Saturday's race at Waterford. I went hard off the line not really expecting to ride off solo but for a little over a lap that's how it went. Five guys joined me in the second lap and we worked to create a gap. With a bunch of teammates back in the pack and two with me in the 6 man break the race went smoothly. Adam did a last lap dig to force the other teams to work. Then with about 400 meters to the line, and Danny on my wheel, I took off. Danny did the final 150 meters on his own to take the win. I ended up 3rd and Adam 5th. Behind us Steve got 6th and 9 of the top 15 were Wolverines.

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