Saturday, June 06, 2009


Clikeman, Kuhncapie, Finkelstein, and me.
Bloomer, Stony, Addison, and Bald Mt.
4 guys + 4 trials = 101 miles.  :-)

My 2009 miles to date: 7317
My 2009 ride time to date: 516 hours 47 min

Sunday, May 31, 2009

Brighton Stage Race (Day 2)

What a perfect day!! The Brighton XC was awesome! I decided to ride the Fuel EX again. I started out sluggish, but felt better each lap and was happy with my second half speed. The rest of the guys had great races, and Amanda picked up the women's Pro/Cat 1 win!!! After the race I busted out some nice month end miles. Finished up the day with 86, the month with 1452, and that brings my 2009 miles up to 7007. Oh yeah, it's a palindrome.

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