Saturday, April 19, 2008

Cohutta 100....

Hey kids...

Simonster called in a 2008 Cohutta 100 race report in which he gave me a quick recap of the top 5 men... I didn't recognize the names of 2 and 3 and instantly forgot them, sorry about that..

1 Jeff Schalk (Trek Factory Team)
2 ??
3 ??
4 Christian Tanguy (WSC/American Cycle & Fitness)
5 Chris Eatough (Trek Factory Team)

Wow, Tanguy!! Congratulations Christian!

The Simonster (Trek Factory Team) ended up with a flat tire on the day but still rolled in with a top ten finish in 9th..

Thursday, April 17, 2008

Waterford Hills Summer Series #1

Wolverine Sports Club/American Cycle & Fitness
Elite Road Bike Team

Robert's Race Report (April 17, 2008)

Waterford Hills Summer Series – Waterford, Michigan
Start Line Weather: Cloudy - 73 Degrees - SW Winds at 7 mph

Robert Herriman - Place: 21st Catagory A
"It was pretty fun. First time on my road bike in 7 months and my first hard ride of the year after some time off for a low back issue, and I'm racing and in an 11 man break with Danny, Ray, and Tim. Cool!! By mid race Ray, and then Danny, got away in a nice mix of guys and Tim and I knew things were looking good for the team. Tim and I got caught by the main field with about 5 laps to go and with about 2 laps to go I finally popped and just rolled in solo off the back of the main field. Wow, I don't recall ever finishing a road race off the back like that but I was still pretty happy I made it as far as I did. Hopefully just a few more weeks off the back and I will be back!"

Wolverine riders, post race, happy and tired...

Sunday, April 13, 2008

Pontiac Lake TT - "DNS"

Did Not Start!!! Bah!!! I'd done every Pontiac Lake Time Trial that Tailwind has put on since they started doing them back in 1996. That is until today. The low back pain issue I mentioned here two and a half months ago is just starting to get better and I'm starting to ride again, yea!!! I really wanted to race today just to keep my personal record of PLRA starts alive but my low back issue, my fitness and the dismal weather forecast all combined to have me stay home. :-(

Attached is a comprehensive list of the top 25 riders from all 12 PLRA TTs run over the last 13 years with my 11 PLRA TT results highlighted. Uhg! That's gona bug me!

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