Friday, September 22, 2006

Ten Thousand Miles

I crossed the 10,000 mile mark for 2006 while buzzing around on my mt bike with the roadies on the birmingham tuesday ride.

As of today (Fri. Sep-22nd)
Road Bike Miles: 401
Mt Bike Miles: 9,715
Total Bike Miles: 10,116

With 100 days left to add to the miles total I think I'm looking at about 13,500 this year. Down a little from my big 16,161 in 2003. But then that was the last year I was bone fracture free. :-(

The big ride over the weekend made a new 31 day high total for 2006.

Sunday, September 17, 2006

Tour de Leelanau weekend

Brewchamp and I headed up to do the big TDL race this weekend. Weather was fantastic, just like last year. The race played out kinda similar as well with an early break off most of the day taking all the Sprints and KOM points.

Last 15 miles of the 110 mile race I tried to go with every little break that formed. But, dang, that one moment, when I was a bit boxed in, I saw a couple key guys make a break. Then of course their teammates went up to the front and started soft-peddling as we descended a hill. That was it. I'd missed it. :-(

At the end I rolled in with a group of about 20 guys (positions 11 thru 30 or so). After my 3rd place finish in the event last year. I was just a little disappointed to be fighting for 11th at the end. But that's road racing. It's always a crap shoot. You got to be good and lucky.

On the bright side. Joe and I ended up with 126 miles on the day. And I can now moth-ball my silly road bike. Only 6 road bike rides this year. That's gona be hard to beat.

A short lived break by myself, Bruce Rivera, and a couple other guys just about to get swallowed by the pack.

Pre-Race photo of Joe.
Ready for battle.

And me, about to start my 6th road bike ride of the year....

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