Sunday, August 24, 2008

Pontiac XC

Today's race at Pontiac was my first ride at the trail this year, but since it was the 205th time I've ridden there over the past 15 years, I wasn't too concerned about not knowing the trail... Yes, I like to keep track of stuff.

A pretty fun race.. Funny to look around at the start and basically see the same guys you train with every week as the entire elite field was Detroit metro area riders.

Last year when I did the saturday maybury xc / sunday pontiac xc weekend I had nothing left on sunday.. It was officially my worst race ever... Well, this year, Maybury was 2 hours and 14 minutes shorter in duration for me... :-)

Today's race went great except for a couple stops in lap 2 to adjust my saddle. The seat clamp slipped and my saddle went nose up at about 45 degrees. That was the first time that seat-post slipped like that. Guess I'll keep my eye on that, now...

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