Saturday, November 03, 2007

Vets park

Yay! My ankle dosn't hurt! After both the Stony and the Lower Huron cross races my ankle was acheing. Stony had us run across a beach like a half mile each lap and Lower Huron had a run up that probably had us gain 1000 feet of elevation each lap. I was limping for several days after those races. Well at Vets park today there ws a run up that I was really happy was possible to ride! That's the part of cross I hate is being on my feet. During a couple of my warm-up laps I tried to ride the run-up and I was only sucsessful 1 of 2 tries but during the race I rode the hill all 9 laps!!!

There were some barriers at the start of the run-up to force you off the bike...

...but it was possible to remount and ride it.. the end of the day my result was not so stellar. 16th of 23 guys... actually pretty crappy. :-(

...but it's like I tell most people about cyclo-cross.. there's always "someone" to race. Even if it's for 16th place...

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