Thursday, February 07, 2008

Learning to fly...

Finkelstein busted in a post about how he got where he is today, complete with some "back in the day" pics of his former self.

Well, I have a simalar story.

I too, had the long hair.

Robert (Age 14) Warren, MI.
Summer of 1975.
Riding my Dynamax - "Tour de France" 10 speed.

Funny... At dinner at mom and dad's tonight, dad produced the original receipt for the Dynamax.. Check out the old school phone numbers for the bike shop.. What was up with that???

Wednesday, February 06, 2008

8 miles

Eight miles was the difference in total miles for the year between TJ and I for 2007. I thought that was pretty neat. Last couple years, E.J. Levy, has asked local club riders to submit their miles for the year. As I recall I topped the list last year as well. I know. I know, it's not a compitition. What? Everything is a compitition!

Robert Herriman - Age 47
2007 Bike Miles = 12321

T.J. Hill - Age 75
2007 Bike Miles = 12313

Here's E.J.'s complete list...
E.J. Levy’s 2007 Mileage List…

12321 Miles Robert Herriman
12313 Miles T.J. Hill
11827 Miles Chris Dhondt
09250 Miles Brian Kozeliski
09162 Miles E.J. Levy
08219 Miles Doug Derdowski
08500 Miles Alan Bragman
07535 Miles John Sammut
07525 Miles Michael Bliss
06655 Miles Tim Duff
06631 Miles Mike Motiowski
06571 Miles Mary Ward
06189 Miles Frank Nizio
06005 Miles Jean-Claude Azar
05720 Miles Chris Mandelaris
05678 Miles Barry Patterson
05450 Miles Benjamin Lohrengel
05117 Miles Todd Scott
05099 Miles Steven Balagna
04694 Miles Steven Whitty
04471 Miles Jane Franks
04057 Miles Fabrice Portes
04401 Miles Mike Samyn
04399 Miles Diane Myrold
04039 Miles Earle Erman
04000 Miles Ely Tama
03855 Miles Dave Barrett
03798 Miles Keith Reige
03570 Miles Larry D. Greene
03572 Miles Mike Wegienka
03513 Miles Calvin T. Hughes
03422 Miles Tim Fass
03400 Miles Mark Blumenfeld
03284 Miles Jeffrey Johnson
03190 Miles Conrad Schewe
03050 Miles Steven L. Winter
03001 Miles Philip Saoud
03000 Miles Jack Cook
02972 Miles Dean Shipman
02396 Miles George Dubrish
02359 Miles Bryan Smith
02303 Miles Vinnie Bozich
02148 Miles Chris Mailing
02087 Miles Dietrich Sneideraitis
02053 Miles Michael Dega
01755 Miles Rick Smith
01634 Miles Jon Carter
01491 Miles Michele Easley
01120 Miles Kathleen K. McMillan
01117 Miles Paul Lipson
00658 Miles Thomas Wucetich

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