Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Snowed in...

I hadn't really been paying attention to the weather dudes and kinda got caught by surprise when I woke up this new years morning to 13 inches of snow. Made a tough decision to not even try and drive to the annual new years day ride.  I was pretty sure the Charger would not make it out of the driveway as I got the car stuck in Simonster's driveway 2 weeks ago in 8 inches of snow. It would end up another day of shoveling snow and a hike in the woods... 

AP News

New Year's storm brings 16-inch snow
Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Authorities reported no deaths or serious injuries from the six-hour burst of snow in Michigan that started early Tuesday, but they said there were many spinouts and minor accidents.

The storm left 10 to 16 inches of snow across parts of Oakland, Lapeer and St. Clair counties north of Detroit, the National Weather Service said. The western St. Clair County community of Capac reported 16 inches.

"This storm most definitely packed quite a wallop," said Weather Service meteorologist David Shuler in Oakland County. "This will be a memorable storm for the amount of snow it dumped in such a short amount of time."

He said it was the region's heaviest New Year's Day snowstorm on record and was unusual for its intensity. In the heart of the storm, snow fell at a rate of at least 2 inches an hour, with periods of 4 inches an hour.

Happy New Year!!!

New Years Day Ride

Yes, the New Years Day Ride is on...

Meet for the first big photo op of the year at 12 noon by the Michigan sculptor, Marshall Fredericks, “Freedom of the Human Spirit” in Shain Park. Plan on a 2 hour ride at a "This is the first time I rode my bike all year" pace...

See you there...

New Years Day 2007...

New Years Day 2006...

Monday, December 31, 2007

Robert's 2007 Miles - 12321

Total Mountain Bike - 11072 Miles in 754 hours, 8 min.

Total Cross Bike - 1012 Miles in 66 hours, 24 min.

Total Road Bike - 237 Miles in 11 hours, 32 min.

Grand Total Bike - 12321 Miles in 832 hours, 4 min.

31 days off the bike this year.

2007 miles per bike report

My bikes with the rides per bike & miles per bike for 2007...

2006 Trek 9.9 Elite
(129 Rides) 4724 Miles

2007 Trek Fuel EX 9.5
(72 Rides) 2538 Miles

2005 Felt RXC Team
(32 Rides) 1279 Miles

2007 Trek XO2
(28 Rides) 1012 Miles

2006 Trek Top Fuel 110
(29 Rides) 852 Miles

1997 LiteSpeed Ocoee
(20 Rides) 949 Miles

1994 Barracuda A2V
(20 Rides) 730 Miles

2003 Trek 5900
(3 Rides) 212 Miles

Cannondale 3.0
(1 Ride) 25 Miles

2001 Trek 5700
(0 Rides) 0 Miles

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