Sunday, July 22, 2007

Fenton Road Race

Result: 26th of 56 starters

15th in the field sprint, (the sprint for nothing).

Dusted off the old road bike, literally, after 4 months of hanging on a hook in the basement. The headset was locked stiff when I pulled the bike off the hook but a little wd-40 and some coaxing and she broke loose. I don't think even I know why I have this "anti road bike mantra" but just for the record. Fenton was just my second time on my road bike this year and just the 3rd time since last years Fenton race. :-)

Prior to the race I decided to gambel and wait till late and hope that none of the breaks would be sucsessful but that was a goof. A dozen guys (race pays 10 deep) got away in the 2nd lap and we never saw them again.

Oh well. Last lap was still fun... 12 miles to go I went with Danny and Blair on Denton Hill, but we got caught after just 1 mile, then with 8 miles left it was me, Big Ray, and an uncooperative Saturn guy for about 2 miles till that got caught, and finally with 4 miles to go and I took off solo. The uncooperative Saturn guy joins me and after some encouragement he starts to cooperate, then Danny bridges, but with 2 miles to go, we're caught and it would be all I could do to try and regroup to have some fun with the field sprint.

Hanging out after the race, and all my close roadie friends seem frustrated. I don't blame them. Why don't you guys try something really fun, like mt biking! :-)

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