Friday, March 31, 2006

It's always something

Weather is just starting to turn for the better here in southeast michigan and I suddenly develop a little knee issue. :-( It's just the slightest dull ache at the back of the left knee and after a internet search I think it could be a Baker's Cyst. It's not slowing me down at all and I read that it should just resolve itself but still I'm taking a light mileage week just to try and be a good boy.

Sunday, March 26, 2006

WRCS awards party at Joe Lee's

Well I think the winter ride challenge series awards party went really well. Of course a lot of thanks to our super host, Joe Lee.

The guys surprised me with some gifts at our awards party. That was pretty cool. I did not expect that. Got some coffee from Kevin, Eric, and Terry. And a bunch of the other guys pitched in to get me a Trans Alpine Backpack complete with lots of food in the pack.

I made up 20 awards (top 12 men and top 8 women). 13 of the 20 were at the party to receive their awards.

First race of the season

A nasty cold and wet day for the first Waterford Spring Training race. Ray rolled away with his pattented "Ray Move" mid race and stayed away for the win. The rest of us worked on covering anything that threatened Ray. With a quarter lap to go on the final lap I tried a solo sneak away that lasted till the last turn when the pack started to fly by me. I held on for 10th of the small field of 32 for my 6th top 10 in a row at my Waterford Spring Training races.

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