Saturday, August 11, 2007

Ore to Shore

Well, if you are a close friend of mine, you probably know all too well that I have been pretty sick for the last 2 weeks. I was actually getting dropped on rides with friends. Besides riding with Simonster or Christian, that never happens. So headed into the big Ore to Shore race, way off my game, I was kinda thinking I should just stay home. But I had bailed on Shawn at Ruby and at Big M so I figured I'd go and just try and have a fun weekend and I did.

Shawn and I camped and partied with the Bells crew which was a blast. That was worth the trip right there.

Race day weather worked out great, cool and overcast made things comfortable. I got a spot right on the start line in front of about 550 other racers. Start went well and just a few miles in as things sort out I'm in a nice group and riding top 20. That group eventually whittles down to 4 riders by mid race. I didn't realize at the time but there were only 3 guys ahead of us so we are 4th thru 7th. Things were going great until about mile 32 when I got spooked by a silly little drop off at a creek crossing. I remember rolling thru it last year and thinking it was kinda scary and as I approached it this year I lost my nerve and stopped. Bah! That was it. I never caught back up to my group. So with just about an hour left I'm alone in 7th place and I realize my lingering illness issues have me feeling done. I expect the trains of guys will soon be overtaking me. I made it to about 10 miles to go till I get caught by 2 guys. Ride with them for a couple miles but I'm really tired and fall off. Now I'm in 9th. One of those guys flats and I'm in 8th. 5 miles to go a guy rolls by I'm in 9th and then about 2 miles to go a guy rolls by and I'm 10th where I would finish. I'm sure there were more spots to loose had the race been longer. So at the end I'm happy to finish as well as I did. Kinda wish I was feeling more myself as I think a top 5 might have been available for me this year... Of course there's always next year.

Race day ended with a blowout bash at the Bells Beer party. O2S racers pretty much took over the dance floor and we were treated to a the drumming talents of the days big winner, Simonster, himself.

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