Monday, September 25, 2006

Addison Oaks - "I WON!"

I won my first elite mt bike race at Addison Oaks. It was a really fun race. My legs had ached most of the week after the big Tour de Leelanau and as we rolled off the start line, through the grass at Addison, I was wondering how things would go. By lap 2 Greg and I were at the front of the race with Dylan Lanspeary and Jason Buccellato. The race went pretty smooth. In the final lap I did a little attack with a half lap to go and was able to stay away to roll in for the win.

I thought this was an interesting coincidence...
Addison, my first ever elite win, was the first
time I ever raced with the number 1 plate.

I know it was the first time I raced as
number 1 cause I checked my collection....

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