Thursday, September 14, 2006

Dolppinator B-Day

The Dolppinator was able to complete another year. After a bunch of DNFs this season it was really nice to see him complete something. Just kidding. It was the BIG THREE TWO!

We celebrated the event with a ride (of course) and after, a little gathering at the local watering hole.

Alex shows off his b-day souvenir. He got "down to earth" during our ride at stony.

Marty and Greg have to laugh when they think about how old Alex is now.

Shawn lost the contest to guess Alex's age and had to shave his head. I think he just wanted a free haircut.

The obligatory "group photo".

Monday, September 11, 2006

Stony XC

Well, Stony Creek is pretty much "home field advantage" for the team so probably not too surprising to post 2nd-3rd-4th behind Simonster. It was pretty much a carbon copy of the Pontiac XC with Greg and I in a 4 man group running in 3rd thru 6th. Final lap had Greg and I roll clear of the other 2 guys and I made an executive decision that Greg should get the spot. We had started the race tied in the michigan norba series and the guy that took 3rd was gona get 3rd in the series as well. My thinking was I'm looking at a good result in the MMBA Series so why not spread the wealth. I just think it makes the team look better. :-)

A funny thing, I thought... Early in the race I "buzzed" the the 3 guys I was riding with. Rode by them on the 2-track and said... "I'm buzzing you"! I think they got the joke.

Team "Buzz-Bomb" (Hermit-Man, The Flying Frenchman, & Kuhncapie).

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